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Weston and Jasmine
Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Weston is a huge part of our family.

Team weston Thank you again. I just spent hunting season combing the hills for elk with a riffle strapped to my back abord the most nobel creature I have met...Weston.

 I was chosen for the 2010 Extreme Mustang makeover Yippy. Watch for our new blog to start Friday.

Posted by sealrockstables at 12:07 AM EST
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Thursday, 9 April 2009
I love Weston!

What a horse! I just thought I should let all of you know how we are now home, and for good! Today I went to hook up the trailer and Weston came running nickering, I had to sneak the other horse in, and try to keep him out. Once I had the doors shut, he was pawing at the door to get in the trailer....are you kidding me. He fallowed close, tring to ge tin the cab with me I kid you not. He did not want to be left. I love it.

I don't need a rope, when I come out side he finds me and helps me, helps me load the garbage for the dump, helps me plant flowers in the garden, and grazes right next to me and my kids as we sun bathe! He is part of our family.

We have gone to the beach-he was mellow, and sweet. I have also riden with me children with him since coming home. My two yr old rides in frount of me, and my four year old I pony off of him...on her pony. How many horses can you do that with? 90 days later from wild!  We troted for 20 minutes in the arena as my daughters giggled!

Check fro Jasmine and Weston on someone loaded our finals run for us-thank you! And again I want to thank all of you who's belife in us made this happen. What a horse, what a bond!

Posted by sealrockstables at 12:10 AM EDT
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Thursday, 26 March 2009
Weston says Thank you to his Team!

It was so much fun! Weston held his own all the way through. I am so proud of him. Round one was fitness, and condition. Weston scored a 46 out of possible 50. I think he should have a 55, but I am a bit biased!
















Then it was time for in-hand course. Weston was very relaxed, head down while strolling into the big arena. He was calmer than me. He walked boaldly into the y, and backed with grace, troted out sweetly to a great serpentine. Then we headed for the trailer, he hesitated and loaded right up, backed out nice and slow. Walked over poles easily, and we picked up and set down our scarey object. Haunch in box could have been clearer, and he stood perfect while I picked up his feet and patted them load and clear! At the end of the day when the fog cleared we stood in 5th place. I watched so many of the trainers do a great job I was very happy to be in the top 10!














waiting for finals placing!


Then came our riding course Friday! It was a simple pattern, just had a long wait before our turn watching the sun set! We entered smoothly over the bridges, then troted nicly over the poles, right into the y branch. We backed great, and joged out to center. The facing our audience-Weston says no thank you to cantering left lead circle twice. we got it just not as smooth as I would have liked! dead pretty interupted change-canter from a standstill and Wes heads for the out gate. I got his head and we finished with another nice stop. At this point we had time to do 2 minutes of whatever we like! I showed his sweet lil jog, stood up tall. Rode backwards, Two traked and gave our heart. That night final 10 were chosen and posted at 11:30! Yippy! We were in it-holding steady at 5th place! Wow!

Then I drew first go-a slight bummer! I was suppose to start in the center, but heard my music start as I was outside waiting! Ugh catch up time. We entered with our team weston flag at a gallop. did a beautiful figure 8. Interupted changes! Drop the flag, some two tracking-a mindless stand up hands up high. DRopped my reines, did some trotting reinless. stopped from a trot. Hands above my head, picked up canter from a standstill, and did a sliding stop mid arena. Some jog work, and headed for our flat bed trailer-Weston steps right up! He is so brave, and he loves his flat bed. Those of you who got to see it in progress know I had to bribe him to get off! Once on the trailer-I stood up, arms above my head, turned around slid off his rump, and had him bow! He did his spanish walk, one at least, as the music ends I jump off the trailer, and point to him. My partner in crime-the reason we made it to finals. My eyes were a bit misty.














 Laird and Mustang Sally creamed the competition jumping 4 foot jumps with room to spare! The competition was feirce, and since I forgot the required moves....hmmm. Good example of why we re read rules prior to a competition! We cam ein a very happy 7th! With 200.00 in winnings! Yippy-more for the Weston fund!

Sale Time! With 11 horses before us, top horse at 3500.00 I was a bit worried. I know Weston was the calmest and most finished show horse there! Ugh! I went in and resfused to talk-siting the tears dripping from my eyes! However, it was also because I ahd nothing nice to say. How could they bid-and how could they not! It started I was bidding myself from the arena. The first person bids against me-ooops I had such a knee jerk reaction-I flippe dthe first bidder off. Oh no-I couln't believe I did it-I covered my mouth in schock and went to 2000.00 and me crying-Cali asked if I wanted my horse? I could only nod yes, she stoppe dthe bidding! I got my horse! I am so happy. Bonds like that don't deserve to be broken!

I want to thank team Weston! So many of you made this possible, making things, setting up open houses, buying sweatshirts, and donations of love and $! I love you all, and so does Weston! We are one thankful pair! Goals for the future, MTN trail, Craig cammeron race, and maybe Reno's Mustang show if I can afford it! Whew, I am so glad Weston is always up for a challenge! Thank you all again-you were the heart and sole of this-the Team!

Posted by sealrockstables at 12:17 AM EDT
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Saturday, 21 March 2009
Weston takes 6th!

Weston was great! He was himself, lazy and easy going. Of course we are going home together! Thank you all for your love and support. I met so many great trainers and was honered to sit in the arena with them.

I will share our pictures with you once we get settled in, and Weston goes out on 80 acres.... :)

Posted by sealrockstables at 4:33 PM EDT
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Friday, 20 March 2009
Weston is in 5th place! Round 1!
I am so proud. He got a 46 out of 50 on his condition! Adding this to our in hand score puts us in 5th place out of 35! Yippy. I just have to make top 10 to get into finals! I am so excited. He was very calm and happy in the ring, very amicable. His only errors were hesitation in to the trailer-just took his time, but loaded was quiet, and unloaded like a dream, backed out. I just didn't do any fancy extra's. Very clean perfect run, no extra frills from me...I am new to this game and it is fun so far!

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:32 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Weston Ready to rock Extreme Mustang Makeover!

We had a ruff couple of days...two bad days. I was feeling funny, and he was silly for the first time ever! Wow he was over trying frustrating me, and then him self. He was hating my lack of focus and connection.

Today we were back on track. Tried a new plain curb, I was all there focused and driven, he was right there with me. We are having technical dificulties with our finals planning our exact moves is hard...hopefully I will get it right tommarow...He was wonderful and loving the work. His figure 8's were round, he was rythmic...




It was a relife...we are ready! SO here is our schedual agin-we want to see you there in your team Weston wear!  ;)

Thursday-In Hand March 19th at 6:00 pm, Friday riding course 7:00 pm, and FINALS-Sat the 21st at 10:00 am....Come see the fun!

We hope we still surprise you! Thak you for all the love and support! Sat is going to be a hard day with the mustangs for sale right after finals! I just know some how Weston is going to be toward the end of it to stretch my agony. I am hoping to find out if we are elligable for the trainer scholership help too!

Posted by sealrockstables at 2:19 AM EDT
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Friday, 13 March 2009
Weston's too cute!













































































 It was a beautiful day at the ranch yesterday. We worked and played, Vikki caught our play time...  ;)

Posted by sealrockstables at 10:50 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 March 2009
Weston goes to the big pony show

He was so good. A bit nervious to be left in the stall. We did well english, he broke once for both judges into a canter right in frount of them for walk trot. He was so excited to show....He was beautifully collected though. Then we had a walk trot, canter class. He started coughing and coughed one whole round at the canter-0which did nothing for our apperences. He was solid the other direction...

Sunday was trail classes. He had no problem with the obstycles. He opened the rope gate with grace. We had never seen one of those. It was very fun, thier trail course had a construction theme! I love it, they had the judges in the back of a pick up with helmets, and vests if you can imagine, road signes, cones and things were the course. He back out great both classes and had zero problem with a left and right hand push for the gate. The bridge was kinda scarey, but no where as scarey as the giant stop sign at the end. He didn't tell me it was scarey until we were finished.

 Oh the outfits and money in the ring. It was crazy. I am hoping my girls don't want to do it, I am gonna need four more jobs. Weston did refuse his lead in the pattern as it would just be easier to go out the gate. He hauled like a charm and was so helpful. He got many coments at how comfortable and quiet he was. He likes the waiting pen and is so calm even entering the ring. He quit looking for the out gate in his rail classes thugh. I had no one to help Sunday (thank Gabrielle and Lisa for Sat-Gracie slep on Lisa for a few good hrs). I got Weston ready and waited for classes with the kids on his back. I was so glad to see a familiar and favorite smile-Lynn Honey-she hleped make our day possible.

He is so good at loading and hauling everywhere. It was funny hauling Deisel i felt a horse move and knew that is not my three yr old, he dosen't move much in the trailer. Smart boy....

We have been working on the parts ness for the big day as it is getting so close! I have to lock down a pattern tommarow. I am going to really. We are working on our surprise for Expo, and it's gonna set the audience off if they like it as much as we do.....

Thank you for your love and support!

Please remember I have Weston Sweatshirts left-35.00 to the cause! I have several XL, some small, med, lg too. Oreding XXL's tommarow-along with 4 and 5todler....let me know if any more XXl's are needed ou there!

Posted by sealrockstables at 9:01 PM EDT
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Saturday, 7 March 2009
Weston likes working cows!

Weston had a great time today-Okay I had a great time. We escaped reality and put Weston to the test-new place, new activity...sorting cows! He was scared at first, but willing. He handled it with such grace it was amazing. I got to go in first as my horse had never seen cows, we wlked around and he realized they move away from us. He was clam, and comfortable. He worked well with horses he didn't know in the pen even. We had no dirty cows all day! Wow. A dirt cow is a cow that gets by you in the wrong order.

We actually had 4 and five cows in the pen sorted in less tahn 60 seconds each run after the clinic. Wow. He was not fast of my feet, but he stoped quick, and even got pissy with a cow that didn't want to move away. it was great.

Here is the best part....the best part of my day. Weston stood outside that pen, and watched every other go-seeing what they were doing, and as they opened the pen to let the next group in he pulled and headed to go in. He was as into it as I was. Muzzy was always the most fun horse to compete with because of his heart. During game shows Muzzy would always watch the other horses do each event, and he was so excited to go fo rour turn. I always knew he loved it as much as I did. I have not had a horse be that attentive to the game at hand since my Muz.

So Go team Weston-tommarrow we are gonna hit the easy classes at the buckskin show....I just love that it is at the expo center. He was pretty vomfy there, He layed down though with me on, and I had to convince him to get up...It was pretty funny.

Posted by sealrockstables at 12:47 AM EST
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Thursday, 5 March 2009
Mr. Muzzy, My best friend ever died today!


I was given a crazy silly beautiful arabian two yr old in my youth to train. I had my mom's old horse figured out it was time for me to get a "project". One that would last through all of my youth...Out of Madam Muzzle Man and Mr. Brilliant (two national champions) was the most incorrect to breed stature horse. I hated him at times. I love him more than I have ever loved anything. I lost my 26 year old best friend today, and it is so hard. He came in and wanted to lye down not eat. I knew he didn't feel right, and first thought was collic-walking him, he could not stay up. His gums were pale and I knew from first look it was over. No reason to drag a 26 year old through an iffy proceedure. I couldn't even keep him on his feet hrs after the banimine. He was so dignified deciding to hold it in and not thrash as he was in incredible pain. Took two hour to get a vet out and end the pain. It's over.

Mr. Muzzy was my fuzzy pillow. The stall I cried into in my teen years. The horse who lived through my homones, and drama of growing up. He went to lessons with me twice a week, and got ridden every day-on four very different legs our farrier once told us, "I wouldn't ride that horse to get my mail." They went every direction and one was three inches shorter than the other in frount. You had to ride with your stirrups un even or you were pulling your saddle to straighten it all day. And we rode all day back then, as a kid that is what we did! Muzzy competed in every horse sport there is except cart. He could do flying lead changes at the drop of a hat, every other stride no problem. He is the horse I ran down the feild with nothing on him, standing up on his back. The horse that came runing to me in my youth for work! I won so many ribbons and awards with him, but the memories are so many. I fell off him, got the broken elbow, and a few concussions too. He was my Lincoln County Rodeo Court Queens horse, we even carried the falg to open an arab show and when he reared on command it brought down the house. After school I sold him twicw, check in hand and horse loading into the trailer-I changed my mind-twice. Ripping up the check. He helped so many students learn to ride, become self-confident, and love horses. So many children competed on him. My own girls were now trail riding him, and he was in retirement. He even won many game shows, beating a few pro's back in the day. He worked cows with all his heart as he did everything.

Mr. Muzzy was so much heart, always full of heart. He will be missed by many, but I will never stop missing him. My youth was on the back of that horse! He taught me patience, understanding, kindness, love and forgiveness, all the things that really matter.

So I know This is Weston's blog, and I have great stories to share, but today is in memory of a best friend who is now feeling no mare pain.


I love you Mr. Muzzy.

Sorry and goodnight



























Posted by sealrockstables at 11:17 PM EST
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