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Combining our love of Extreme Cowboy and Mountain Trail Competitions...
Extreme Trail was born!

Over the years of providing horsemanship training, we have noticed that many riders have the same training objectives:
  • Clearer communication with the horse
  • Safer trail rides
  • Quicker response times
  • More accurate foot placement
  • More control in unknown situations
Extreme Trail gives riders opportunities to work on these areas in the safety of a training environment, under the supervision of equine professionals. Our bonding and trust exercises, using trail equipment and cowboy drills, improve rider safety and help riders gain trust, control and respect.

Extreme Trail - 100 foot ditch

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Extreme Trail 2008 Ground Tie

Our Extreme Trail courses have featured 100 foot ditches, mountains, cowboy curtains, garbage tunnel, tractor tire step up and haunch, teeter-totter bridge, water obstacles, shallow wander trench, rock piles, lowered box, logs, trees, gates, tent, moving ball with a pitch fork, step-overs, back-throughs, and much more.

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